Description of WiSpeak WiSpeak has been developed by experts in secure voice communication. It is different from conventional chat and communication apps which focus more on perks rather than features and real-life applications. It offers various modes of voice communication over same WiFi network:1- Point-to-Point mode allows calling buddies who are online2- Group broadcast mode for announcements3- Push-To-Talk or Walkie Talkie modeFeatures:- This is the most lightweight communication app using minimum device resources.- Easy to configure and use – no registration or login to external service required.- Multi-language support.- Crisp and clear voice quality.- Option for secure voice communication (wouldn't affect device performance).- Easy to use and intuitive user interface.How to use:Just install it on the devices part of a group. On first launch, you are taken to settings screen. Enter your preferred ID or nickname that you want others to see and a group password. You may enable/disable couple of other options on settings screen and you are done. All your buddies on the same network with same group password and communication channel will be able to see each other in main screen. Changing color code (green to red to green) indicates available/busy status of the individual. Please note that the group password and communication channel comprise a group. Therefore, these should be identical for a group. The feature allows virtually unlimited number of groups on a WiFi network.Uses of this application are countless. Here are some examples:- Education:Communication between school staff as well as for public announcements*.- Hospitals:Communication between hospital/clinic staff as well as for public announcements*.- Offices/Factories/Construction:Staff can communicate with each other directly as well as for public announcements*.- Announcements at public places*.- Homes- Parties- Excursion trips such as hiking – one group members can create a hotspot while others can connect to it and keep in touch within WiFi range of course.*You can also purchase compatible WiFi speakers from our partners.

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