Cuido mi voto

Description of Cuido mi voto What is my vote? It is an initiative of citizen participation, whose objective is to provide Venezuelan citizens, committed to transparency and democracy, a tool to control the parliamentary elections of December 6. What can I do with I take care of my vote? Make reports of irregularities, tell your opinion on different topics, interact with other citizens, send photographs and many other things. Where can I see the reports sent? You can see all the complaints, comments and photos received on the website All the information sent by the citizens will be published in real time. About us? Politics and Information Technology, an Argentine company specialized in advising and developing innovative technological solutions applied to the field of political communication, the electoral campaign and public opinion. We actively promote citizen participation as a means to strengthen democracy in Latin America. More information at or on Twitter POL-IT initiatives Our latest PRO BONO initiatives for citizen participation have been, Ojo con el Voto, Fiscal Ciudadano and Debate Real Time. All of them were implemented in the last presidential elections in Argentina and received the support of the most important media in the country (Clarín, La Nación and La Voz del Interior). Privacy in Cuido my vote The denunciations, comments and surveys that you make through Cuido my vote will be totally anonymous and we will not take any personal data. Unless you decide on your own to send personal information. Remember that all the information received will be published in When you send a report we will receive and publish the geolocation information. This is so to be able to present on a map the different complaints received and order them by zones. Be sure to send the report when you are at or near the polling place. Our servers are located in the United States to guarantee the security of the system. Media I take care of my vote seeks to make public and in real time the different complaints of irregularities sent by citizens. For this reason, the role of independent media is fundamental. We invite you to join. On the website we will publish an "embedding code" so that any media in the world can insert on its website the control panel with the complaints received. Contact: or on Twitter Care options my vote Denunciation button: report different types of irregularities. Send a detailed explanation of your complaint and attach photographs. Citizen Wall Button: Share photos and comments with other citizens. It is the thermometer of what happens during the election day. Survey Button: Participate in a small survey. Submit button Totalization record: the electoral witnesses and members of the table will be able to send the Photograph of the Totalization Act. Pending button: if for lack of signal in your phone the complaint could not be sent, it will be saved in pending to be resent when the signal is recovered.

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