Time Bomb: Explosion Prank

Description of Time Bomb: Explosion Prank Do you want to be a bomberman who plants bombs and set off terrifying explosion? This Time Bomber: Explosion Prank is one of the explosion bomb games simulates powerful time bomb to crack and burst your screen. Do you want to play minesweeper bomb games with your friends? This Time Bomber: Explosion Prank is one of the best minsweeper bomb games for you. Challenge your friends to see if they can beat your score, find out who will become a minesweeper king! The bomb will explode with strong explosion sounds effects. After the explosion, show the crack of screen to your friends. FEATURE OF TIME BOMB GAMES MODE: ★100+ powerful bombs for you with clock time bomb and digital time bomb. ★Simulates putting a time bomb. ★Custom time with every bomb before explosion. ★Excellent graphics of powerful time bombs. ★Realistic explosion real sounds and fake broken screen effect. ★Scares or jokes to give your friends after the explosion simulation ★Simulated broken screen sound ★Show your simulated broken screen to your friends after exploiting the simulated bomb ★Completely free FEATURE OF MINESWEEPER MODE: ★Classic minesweeper gameplay ★Set number of landmines ★6 difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, Hard, Very Hard, Nightmare and Legendary for more mines ★Increase or decrease the number of mines ★Advanced gameplay designed for accuracy and fast times ★Tablet support for larger screen games ★Avoid the mines and join the leaderboard ★Global high scores, both weekly and all-time high ★Variable zoom levels to help dodge mines ★The original Minesweeper for Android ★Excellent graphics of Time Bomber: Explosion Prank What to expect to play prank !! Download this bomb games and share it with your friends! Disclaimer: * This application is designed for entertainment, not to promote criminal acts or terrorism. This application is only a simulation to joke with your friends. * This application is just prank app, it does not harm your device.

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