Secure MMX Encrypted Messenger

Description of Secure MMX Encrypted Messenger Secure MMX Encrypted Messenger keeps your digital conversations private. Using end to end encryption, hackers, corporations, government and intelligence services can't eavesdrop/ wiretap your conversations. We are a private Australian company of Security experts.For a limited time only we are offering SecureMMX for free.Full End to End Encryption, Full Privacy, Incredibly Secure ChatOnly the communication partner can read your communication, we can't. Encryption keys are generated and stored on your device, not on our server.Auto deleteMessages are deleted from your device at the end of a conversation or when the application times out, no traces of messages are kept on the device.Remote wipeYou are in full control of your conversation and you can clear your screen and the screen of your communication partner simultaneously at any time No Metadata, Protect yourself from Privacy Laws & Data Retention SchemeFor someone eavesdropping the only thing they can see is a data connection to our server with encrypted content, no direct data connection to your communication partner

Download APK(3MB)

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