Description of Platte DescriptionPlatte is a mobile chat application. It helps people to connect with each other by sending messages to a vehicle number that is registered on the application, without having to know the contact details of the other person.How does it Work?Download the app to your android- based phone, complete the registration form, register your vehicles and choose one default vehicle to chat with. On the home screen, enter the license plate number of the vehicle, whose owner you wish to get in touch with,In the search bar. Once you find the vehicle, go ahead and open up a chat session with the vehicle owner.What are the benefits?Imagine someone has blocked your vehicle and you are in a hurry. How do you locate the driver of the vehicle blocking you? Simple. Type the car license plate number of the vehicle that is blocking you and send the person a message. Suppose you are driving a car and while standing on a red light you see a beautiful girl in the car next to you. You want to reach out to her to ask for a date but the signal turns green. Do you want to miss out on this chance? Nope!!! Search the vehicle number of the girl and send her a message. You can also alert riders about babys or pets left in cars, you can get traffic information, alerting about unlocked cars, find friends nearby, etc. General – Thank you for taking time to read about the application and We hope you like it.The use of this application is free of charge at the discretion of the company. You can also email us at

Download APK(15.28MB)

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