Description of ComunicaMe ComunicaMe is an accessible mobile app for people with difficulties facing the common use of a smartphone.This app provide to actions: to make a phone call or to send a text message without touching any button of the smartphone. How to use:At first write your NFC Tags with your Contacts and the Actions you want. We recommend to use a Panel like we provide. Once you have written your NFC Tags with Contacts and Actions just need to approach your phone to a Contact and to an Action to make an automatic phone call or send a text message without touching any button!• Automatic phone call:1. Approach your phone to a Contact and to the Action Phone Call and it's done!.• Text message by Voice Recognition:1. Approach the phone to a Contact and to the Action Send SMS.2. The app will ask you to speech your message.3. After speaking your message the app will tell you what it understood and will ask you to send or to repeat the message.4. The message will be delivered. Optimizations:- It doesn't matter the order of reading tags.- The Tags will be read for ComunicaMe automatically. No matter if the smartphone has more NFC apps installed.- The user can write contacts by picking from People.- Audible and Visual notifications.- Active Screen when reading Tags.- Text To Speech speed and font size customizable.- Automatic Voice Recognition repetition 3 times when recognizing nothing.- Split of the SMS when is too long.- Notification after sending the SMS- Available in English and SpanishThis app was the Final Degree Project of Pablo Jesús Serrano Fernández. "ComunicaMe: Design and development of an accessible mobile app on Android with NFC"Project finalist of the Final Degree Project Award 2011 – 2012 Vodafone Foundation – Universia Foundation.

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