SeeYouLink Calling

Description of SeeYouLink Calling The SeeYouLink Calling application enables you to connect via video calling to your friends and family in conjunction with the SeeYouLink Platform for Seniors. Please note, that the SeeYouLink Calling app is free. In order to use calling there must be one person in your group that has a SeeYouLink account. Currently, SeeYouLink accounts are available only by invitation. Once the SeeYouLink account is established, the owner can invite an unlimited number of other people to join SeeYouLink calling for free.The SeeYouLink Platform for Seniors is software installed on the older adult's computer providing access to features such as video calling, email, news, weather and much more. From the point of view of the older adult, even those who never used a computer before, have low vision or mild dementia, SeeYouLink is as simple as flicking on a light and touching the screen.To learn more about the SeeYouLink visit, or if you are from the UK, the Privacy and SecuritySeeYouLink Calling app and SeeYouLink Platform for Seniors do not serve ads, and it does not share your data with any 3rd party. All video calls and all data exchange take place via our secure connection. Video Calls are placed directly between peers using the encrypted connection, and we or any other party do not have access to the call. As for your account information, it is also encrypted in our database.

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