Website Observer

Description of Website Observer [Application Overview]-This application can check a renewal of a website by comparison old text and new text at fixed intervals.-If detected some updates, provides a notification on the screen.[Notice]-This application communicates in the background.-When WiFi sleep, the background communication may fail. If so, please set WiFi does not sleep.-This application doesn't support Java Script.-Moreover, since neither id nor password is transmitted, you cannot use the website required user authentications. -The information obtained by this application is auxiliary.-Please confirm the true information by seeing the site on your browser. -We shall not be responsible for any loss, damages and troubles caused this application.-If your device is in Doze Mode, the network background access will be failed sometimes. You can avoid Doze Mode of each App on the Battery Optimization Settings. [Hints]-Open the site to perform a check on your browser.-Choose this application at the share menu.-Push "Start a service" with the options and next push "Execute".-Push the notification on the status area when it provided. -Push "Open URL" in the item list and then your browser is launched. -If the notification wasn't expected, push "Show results" and check the differences.-The left column presents old contents, and the right column presents new contents.-Choose roughly the range of text for performing, and push "Restart a service".

Download APK(2.92MB)

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