Description of Go2s Go2s is the free private social network for life’s more meaningful interactions. Go2s gives you a secure environment where you can privately share recommendations, ask for advice, request help, chat, engage in discussions, have audio/video call, share your location, request check-in, and keep up to date with your network.With Go2s, you are in control. No frivolous sponsored ads/posts. You choose who you would like to receive information from. Build your own Go2s private social network and use it to search or ask the right audience questions like:· Delivery pickup – Need UPS packages to be picked up after 3 PM tomorrow.· Soccer Parents – Need a ride for my daughter to/from soccer practice this week.· Who knows a good pedodontist in this area?· Know a cancer survivor willing to talk about their experience with my friend?· Taking a weekend trip, need a pet sitter over the weekend – Any volunteers?· Car troubles – Searching for a trustworthy car mechanic.· Driveway resurfacing – let’s team up and get a better deal.· Who can pick up newspaper/mail while we are out this week?Start something meaningful™ on Go2s.

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