Description of eCtouch/eCmobile Omnitor eCtouch is based on the concept Total Conversation with simultaneous video, voice and real-time text, regardless of communication needs and preferences. The communication and media protocols follows international standards in ITU-T and IETF.No matter if you are old or young, have different language preferences or different means of expressions, or hearing loss – benefit from and enjoy the opportunities in eCtouch!The concept of Total Conversation will be an important base in the Next Generation Emergency Services NG-9-1-1 in USA as well as NG112 in Europe.Apart from traditional voice telephony Total Conversation offers a more accessible way in communication beside audio by adding video and real-time text, where characters are sent as you type in the conversation. This allows a more smoother and quicker information exchange in personal communication as well as in emergency situations.Omnitor also offers additional services:TTY-gateway for interoperability with legacy (analog) textphones Products and services for alerting at incoming callsLow vision adaptions and Braille supportFor more information contact

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