Hide online and typing Wsap (Guide)

Description of Hide online and typing Wsap (Guide) Do you want to know how to hide the state of Was, maintaining your connection to the internet while reading messages and answering at the same time? Make it possible with these tricks for Wsap. Your friends or your last flirt will never know that you have read them or that you are online. What tricks and novelties are there for Wasap ?: 1. Know how to hide online, by writing, date and time. 2. Duplicate Was. 3. Connection report. 4. Recover lost messages. 5. See hidden states. 6. Read messages that have ben deleated from the other person. 7. See the exact reading time of your messages. 8. Know if you have been blocked. 9. Hide icon. 10. Open a Chat without saving the number. 11. Set a PIN for a Was-Chat. 12. Send secret message with a PIN. 13. Alarm for the spy. 14. Extras Tips. 15. You can share for Whatsapp -> Smileys, Memes, Love images, Funny and funny images. (Section IMAGES, MEMES …). 16. Mini Games (We will be adding more). 17. Listen to audios in hidden mode. 18. Free Music without download (radio). 19. Relief Forum. 20. Free Monthly Horoscope. 21. Free Chat Online. 22. Added Pack Stickers Read the messages in incognito mode and when you want to answer, do what we explain in this guide to hide on Was. Be surprised by the best tips for Was and make the best use of the application. Important note: The good or bad use of this APP and its contents is the responsibility of the user.

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