Description of Alarmruf112 ATTENTION: New APP available! Download: The Alarmuf 112 app is the right app for the alarm and notification system Alarmruf 112 from Telefunkalarm. This app can only be used in connection with an active alarm call 112 account! You can find more information about Alarmruf112 at and Alarmruf 112 is an alarm and notification system which is used for additional alarms by emergency organizations and aid organizations such as the fire brigade, Red Cross, water rescue service, mountain rescue or technical relief organization (THW). Alarm 112 is also used in companies and public institutions when people and groups of people need to be alerted or notified quickly. Features of the Alarmruf 112 app: ✔ Receiving push alarms ✔ Receiving push notifications ✔ Fallback level (e.g. SMS or voice call) ✔ Override silent mode in the event of an alarm ✔ Feedback function in the event of an alarm ✔ Operational navigation (e.g. via Google Maps) ✔ Manual triggering option ✔ Freely configurable app monitor ✔ Individual alarm tones for groups ✔ Free chat function ✔ Calendar function ✔ Absence function ✔ Can be used for several units ✔ Support function in the app The alarm portal Alarmruf 112 offers several alarm paths for alerting and notifying people and groups of people. In addition to push alerts via the app, all reports can also be sent via SMS, voice call, email or fax. The desired alarm route can be set individually for each participant (multiple selection possible). A fallback level is also integrated in the Alarmruf 112 app. If the push alert cannot be delivered, for example on devices that are not connected to the Internet, the system can automatically trigger a fallback level (eg SMS or voice call). The encryption and the strict data protection guidelines created end-to-end encryption. The alarm call 112 app cannot be activated without the participant being stored in the alarm portal by the respective system administrator and approved for alarming via app. This ensures that data cannot be viewed by unauthorized persons. In order to be able to help you as best as possible with problems or questions, please use the direct support function in your app settings. Our alarm call 112 app is constantly being expanded and improved. Please do not rate the app badly without contacting us first.

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