Description of Dinosaurs Discover the world of Dinosaurs with Dinausauria: an innovative app aiming to present the era of dinosaurs with details about species (images skeleton, description, places where dinosaur used to live on the map… etc)Discover the world of dinosaurs more with 3D animated model of some dinosaurs.Have fun with the mini-game , try jumping to a higher distance to have the best score.And for a better realistic experience bring the dinosaurs to your room with the Augmented Reality:1-Tap the AR on your application, the camera will opens.2-focus your camera on this image : http://seifwares.comuf.com/Dinosauriafiles/chips.jpg (you can download it and print it)3- A dinosaur will appears .This project is made by ESPRIT Mobile team from ESPRIT school of engineers for educational purpose, all your suggestion and support are welcome. Enjoy!

Download APK(36.55MB)

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