WebShuttle – Privacy & Securit Browser

Description of WebShuttle – Privacy & Securit Browser * Security and privacy Built-in security tunnel, which can hide the user’s real IP to prevent eavesdropping and tracking. * Smart tunnel mode Intelligently enable the tunnel and automatically select the fastest tunnel node. * Independent tunnel connections Unlike traditional VPN, tunneling only works for this APP and does not affect the network connections of other Apps. * Strong Ad blocking Powerful ad blocking feature to help you kill 80% of malicious ads. * Complete browsing function Super fast ,lightning startup speed, smooth operation experience. ★ Ad Blocking Super ad blocking ability, helping you to remove 80% of malicious ads. Support importing and subscribing to third-party blocking rules. ★ Video Sniffing Super video sniffing capability, easy to save Internet videos. Build-in Support GreaseMonkey and Tampermonkey user script. Greatly improved browser capabilities. ★ Security and Privacy

Download APK(4.46MB)

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