Tiny Math Game

Description of Tiny Math Game This is the free (ad-supported) version of "Tiny Math Game Pro". The game is similar to Math Workout, but features better graphics, animations, and special effects.It consists of two sub-games, which will train your mental arithmetic. You will- speed up your ability to perform calculations quickly- improve in logic and problems solving- keep your mind sharp and fresh- help you to be relaxed, attentive and concentrated- have fun competing with yourself, your family and your friendsGame 1: Solve 15 equations as fast as possible. This game features:- 3 difficulty levels- 10 game modes- easy user interface- nice sound effects- offline highscore listGame 2: Destroy incoming asteroids by solving simple equations. The number and speed of asteroids will rise with progress. This game features:- nice sounds and graphics- rich animations with fluent effects- an easy user interface- online and offline highscoresAll screen resolutions are supported!The game has been tested with the following screen resolutions:- 1024×600- 854×480- 800×480- 480×320- 480×240- 400×240- 320x240The paid version "Tiny Math Game Pro" doesn't contain any ads.FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME IF YOU HAVE IDEAS WHICH WILL MAKE THE GAME EVEN BETTER!

Download APK(1.22MB)

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