???? Build it Up ????

Description of ???? Build it Up ???? Helping your babies to develop visual perception & fine motor skills has never been so easy! Welcome to the trend in educative games for toddlers of 2 years old and more! Our system has been developed by baby learning & educational professionals to provide your kids with the best tools for the development of the most relevant skills in their life. Our hazel jar method help your babies to interact, play & have fun while they learn and practice their visual perception and fine motor skills interacting with colorful shapes and cheerful sounds! This game is suited specially to help the baby to recognize shapes and colors, and learn the basics of primary math concepts. Also, they’ll put to test their logic & space perception as they try to build towers and stack objects according to their shapes. ??? A new way to develop your baby skills has arrived! Try now the new tendency in educative games for infants that will help your kids to learn while having fun! Download NOW Build it Up for FREE on Google Play Store!!! ???The game contains more than 12 educational games gathered in boards full of color and challenges. The goal is to make the babies stack and try to rebuild the figures as the main card. Once they start playing, the main figure will disassemble, and the pieces will be spread on the screen. The hazel system involves giving small challenges each time to your kid, so they find every session entertaining. Our game is on the top of new educational apps for babies & toddlers of 2 years old and more. We also have other apps that will help in every growing stage of your child! This app is suited for kindergarten & preschool kids and even babies that do not attend to school yet. No abc or 123 yet, we think that the development of visual skills and concepts of depth, space, shapes and other important abilities will help your kids to learn faster once they’re prepared with basic learning skills.??? Fantastic learning activities are waiting! Let your toddlers spend quality time with an educative game that will contribute in their skills improvement! Download NOW: Build it Up for FREE in Google Play Store!!! ???The gameplay is very simple; each board displays parts of an image & the goal is to assemble the parts, or stack them correctly, one on top of the other, to create the whole image. This game is one of a series of educational games for kids by MyFirstApp.com. We believe that learning, playing, exploring and experimenting is what children do best. Children are fascinated with the wonderful, exciting world around them. With the touch pads revolution, a whole new world of educative games is evolving – opening new horizons for the kids. Infants can now enjoy colorful, exciting new games, helping them acquire new cognitive and fine motor skills. MyFirstApp.com contributes bringing this new and enriching world to the curious little fingers of young children. ??? Join the happy community of parents that are delighted with the results our games bring to their toddlers. Try now the best educative & nourishing method on the market! Download NOW: Build it Up for FREE in Google Play Store!!! ???*** Features of the Game*** Easy to Use One-Touch Controls. Intuitive & Responsive Interface? The perfect balance of education and fun! ? Low Battery & Memory Consumption? Play totally offline! ? Develop new skills in your kids with an educative app that always offer the right amount of challenge! Download NOW Build it Up ?

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