Malayalam Quran Player

Description of Malayalam Quran Player IMPORTANT: This App is specially built for Malayalam Language users. The Arabic version of the app is freely available from the link below. The cutting edge features of the Qur'an Player of the Quran are greatly enhanced by the Qur'an. These features are designed to make it easy for any age group to use, making it easier to use advanced features. Features of the Quranic Player The most striking feature of the Qur'an player is that you can adjust the number of Quranic streams at your discretion simultaneously, and you will have a text-scrolling feature which will be tuned to the Qur'an. This size can change the size of the text as much as you can! So do not touch the mobile screen of the Qur'an anymore …! This feature is highly encouraged to read the Qur'an. There are many other features too. 1. Audio player feature 2. The Quran Player feature 3. Download Quran Downloader 4. Other Features 1. Audio Player Features 1.1. All the features that are normal for all audio players, eg play, pause, sequit, etc. 1.2. The audio is also evaluated and managed through the Notification window. 1.3. The home screen can also monitor and control audio through widgets. 1.4. It is also possible to review and control audio through the lock screen widget. 1.5. Control the audio using the headset button. 1.6. If the head set suddenly pulls, the audio itself stops. 1.7. If the colo message arrives, the audio will remain and then he will continue. 2. Qur'an Play features 2.1 Playing modes (remember, one surah, one single, every step of the twin turns, as you move the chains of select chaitari to the next chieftain) 2.2 Repetition of AIRs 2.3 Deuteronomy of Surahs 2.4 Waiting for the occasions 2.5 Special mode to make Hyphen 2.6 Turn off the App only when a user ends. 2.7 Throw the meaning of the hen. 3. Downloads of the Qur'an 3.1 Everything can be controlled by the Notification window. 3.2 Only a single download can be downloaded. 3.3 Only select few selected ones can be downloaded. 3.4 Surat Only Download Now! 3.5 Only the surahs who save you select download. 3.6 Download the entire Quran 3.7 Now download the authors of all the authors of the selected antivirus. 3.8 Nowadays, all the survivors of the Surat Surat are downloaded. 3.9 Only the seeds of selective chaiters who select the selected ones will be downloaded only. 3.10 Choices that choose to select selectors are downloaded, which means they are downloading all the surahs of all the jokes. 3.11 Wait for Wi-Fi to download and start downloading it. 3.12 You can change the audio folder. 3.13 Features that help solve problems if any problems arise 4.Many different features 4.1. Feature to remove the ad If you do not like watching an ad, it is available on the menu to access it. This feature is not free but you can use this feature by giving it. 4.2 Text theme settings This is a non-finished feature if you know the hex color correction if you beat it and change the color of the text and background. Developed by ifthi Mathamangalam Bazar, Kannur, Kerala, India, 670306

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