Viva Korean Learning (Lite)

Description of Viva Korean Learning (Lite) Viva Korean Learning (Lite Version – Free!)!! Notice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!You can download new version of Viva Korean Learning(is called 'Viva Korean Basic') Viva Korean Basic has more expressions(over 800) and functions(search, bookmark, recording,..)you can search 'Viva Korean Basic' at Google Play, here. 'Viva Korean Basic' is free ^^!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Easy, Simple, Fast Korean Learning!Gangnam, Seoul(Korea) Pronunciation & Intonation!Lite Version: Free, parts of whole contents(8 categories), Voice recordingPro Version: Charged(1.99$), Full Contents(20 categories), Voice recording(Both have no limitation in term of use.)Lite Version Category(8): Basic, Numbers, Feeling, Time, Greeting, Weather, Hobby, InternetPro Version Category(20): Basic, Numbers, Feeling, Opinion, Time, Greeting, Weather, Transportation, Communication, Shopping, Hotel, Restaurant, Hobby, Learning, Culture, Emergency, Internet, Hospital, Pharmacy, BankViva Korean App is a Korean learning App. We sorted out most frequently used and practical expressions in Korean's life. This App includes Basic (verb, noun, adjective, adverb), and daily lives' expressions that can be used right now. The total number of sentences this App includes is 440. Beginners, business men, and travelers can use this App usefully. Recorded voice is Gangnam style, Seoul(the capital of Korean) Korean. We try to make this App easy and simple for beginners. Lite version is free but is some part of whole contents. You can buy Pro version that includes whole contents. Pro version is 1.99 $(US dollar). Both lite and pro version have no limitation in term of use. We hope you can understand and enjoy Korea's culture and Korean's life by using this App. Thanks.This app is optimized for 4 inch smart phone and 7 inch tab(or pad)You can use this App without WIFI.

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