Joyful Literacy ™ by Junyo

Description of Joyful Literacy ™ by Junyo Joyful Literacy™ is the best tool to organize and accelerate early-literacy teaching in classrooms. Teachers (PK-3) and parents use the Joyful Literacy app to help young learners master the early fundamentals of reading and writing. Using a smartphone, you follow an internationally successful methodology for early-learning literacy, record individual progress, and quickly improve literacy skills such as: Phonics and word recognitionConcepts of printHigh-frequency wordsFluency and comprehension Joyful Literacy empowers you to: Track individual literacy learning easily and powerfullyConveniently record progress in real-time during busy classroom activitiesCreate classroom rostersAssess progress over timeReview any specific skill at any time with any studentExplore new concepts in a dynamic and engaging wayProvide parent tools for fun home learning activities BackgroundThe Joyful Literacy app is the first app of its kind to combine a renowned early-learning methodology with the convenience and power of mobile devices. It is based on the work of Dr. Janet Mort PhD., educator and author of the early learning teaching guidebook, "Joyful Literacy Interventions." Teachers around the world use her model to increase student achievement and enjoyment with literacy. The platform was developed by Junyo, a data-analytics educational company committed to improving learning outcomes through the smart use of technology.

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