Top 10 Spanish Verbs

Description of Top 10 Spanish Verbs Stop overwhelming yourself by trying to learn dozens of Spanish verbs with flashcards and charts. Top 10 Spanish Verbs uses an innovative, game-like interface to teach you the ten most common Spanish verbs, in the three most common tenses. Unlike other apps, Top 10 Spanish Verbs is designed to teach conjugations AND definitions at the same time. The game presents you with an English definition; you pick the correctly conjugated verb, and drag it to the appropriate pronoun. When you make a correct match, you'll be given another phrase to solve.If you have trouble, touch the "?" button to get a hint. No buzzers, no timers, no pressure: pick it up and put it down anytime. We learn by creating connections in our brain between associated information. Top 10 Spanish Verbs is designed to do exactly that. By physically connecting the words on the screen, you will be reinforcing a mental association between words, their meaning, and their correct use.By focusing on the most common Spanish verbs in the most common conjugations, you'll build a solid foundation for further Spanish study. Top 10 Spanish Verbs makes it fun and easy!

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