Daily Italian

Description of Daily Italian “Daily Italian” contains the commonly used Italian words and phrases for beginners and intermediate learners. You will receive a notification with a new word or phrase daily. You can practice your speaking and listening skills with the Italian pronunciation guide and sounds, wherever and whenever you are. The words are linked to phrases making learning Italian much easier as you get along with daily practice and review word usage.FEATURES★Full offline capability with regular automatic content update.★Daily word or phrase notification.★Commonly used vocabularies and Italian phrases (Translated from English to Italian)★Easily look up the Italian meaning and their English equivalent.★Authentic pronunciation guide with sounds capabilities.★You can search by keywords using Italian language and English for the Italian users. ★All words and phrases are grouped into different categories.★Easy review with either the weekly or historical lists.★Add or remove words and phrases from your favorite list.★100% Free: No limitations of content or functions. Everything is free.★Support for both phones and tablets layouts★A great guide to lean Italian language★Italian proverbs now availableIf you are traveling to Rome, Vatican City or to any part of Italy and any other Italian speaking countries or just studying Italian, this app will surely be a good companion to have.—————————————————————If you have any problem or issues with the app, please write to us on support@belasmobile.com and an engineer will contact you for support.Lastly, if you love using the app, please share with your friends and support us by reviewing us on google play.

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