Measurement Techniques

Description of Measurement Techniques Notes,quiz,blog and videos of measurement techniques for automobile engineering . It almost cover important topics chapter wiseChapter 1 Introduction to measurement1.Introduction to measurement2.application and types of measurement System3.Accuracy and Precision4.Accuracy, Precision, Resolution & Sensitivity5.introduction to static and Dynamic Characteristics6.Error and uncertainty analysis7.Loading effectChapter 2 Electrical measurement1.Construction and operation of moving coil2.moving iron instrument-Ammeter & voltmeter4.Theory and Operation of D'arsonval5.Ballistic and vibration Galvanometer6.instrument transformersChapter 3 R, L, C Measurement1.Measurement of resistance using Wheatstone bridge2.Kelvin's double bridge3.Loss of charge method4.ohm meter5.Maxwell's bridge6.Anderson bridge7.Schering bridge8.Hay's bridge9.Wein's bridge10.Shielding and grounding11.Q meterChapter 4 Digital instruments1.Advantages of digital instruments2.Digital-Analog Conversion3.analog to digital conversion4.Digital voltmeter5.Ramp type DVM, Integrating DVM6.successive approximation DVM7.frequency meter8.CRO-construction and working9.Digital Oscilloscope10.7-segment DisplayChapter 5 Signal generator1.Function generator2.sweep frequency generator3.Pulse and square wave generator4.Wave Analysers5.Harmonic Distortion Analyser6.Spectrum Analyser7.frequency counte

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