Nafham – School Curriculum

Description of Nafham – School Curriculum Nafham is an award-winning educational video platform for school students:- 5-15 min free educational videos.- Covering the official public school curriculum.- Videos are categorized by grade, semester, subject and academic schedule.- Crowd-sourced videos.. yes you can contribute with your videos.- 23,000 videos covering mainly the Egyptian curriculum and Saudi, Algerian, Kuwaiti and Syrian curricula are partially covered.Nafham also available through YouTube, smart TV app and website: nafham.comWe currently cover the following curricula:- Egyptian curriculum- Saudi curriculum- Algerian curriculum- Kuwaiti curriculum- Syrian curriculumPart of the covered subjects:- Arabic language (Grammer, Poetry, etc.)- English language- French language- Italian language- Math (Algebra, Geometry, Calculus)- Science (Physics, Biology, Chemistry)- Social studies (Geography, History)Part of the covered topics that you can learn beside school studies:- Learning how to learn.- Presentation skills.- How to prepare your resume (CV).- Protecting your privacy and internet safety.- Time management.- Setting goals.- Arabic calligraphy.- Code (HTML, PHP, etc.)

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