SkoolBag: School Communication

Description of SkoolBag: School Communication The SkoolBag School Communication app is Australia’s leading school communication solution, providing busy parents, students, and staff a powerful way to stay engaged with their school. Getting started is easy. Simply create your free SkoolBag account to log in and then add your school(s). SkoolBag is designed with simplicity in mind, to ensure that schools can quickly and easily communicate instant notifications, emails, school newsletters, absentee and permission forms, photos, documents, events and more to the school community. App features: * Add one or multiple schools to your app * Subscribe to specific groups relevant to you (e.g. Year 4, Band, Staff Updates, P&C Updates) * Receive instant notifications * Browse the event calendar, view maps, and add events to your personal calendar * Dynamic news feed with updates from your school(s) * Receive payments for school fees, excursions and other events * View school newsletters * The school profile includes links to key systems all in one place (e.g. parent portal, canteen, parent teacher interviews and more) * eForms (Absentee, Permission Slips, School Surveys and more) and more.. Schools use SkoolBag to unite their community with notices, permissions, emails, newsletters and all school communications in one place. The SkoolBag All-in-one communication suite provides productivity improvements – saving previous staff time, school funds, and providing the most convenient method of communication for all users. * Problems or feedback? We strive to provide the best experience for our users. Simply open your app and shake your device to bring up the issues/feedback module where you can type to us, or send a screenshot.

Download APK(12.08MB)

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