Flores para amar y conquistar

Description of Flores para amar y conquistar Do you want to express your love and also conquer? Then you are in the right place. We have designed an application especially thinking of you, now you can share messages that are identified with your emotional state of love, falling in love, joy, passion. This is your opportunity to express, externalize by expressing yourself through these images. "FLOWERS TO LOVE AND CONQUER" It is an App that has many Images with phrases of love that you can share on your wall or by message to express what you are feeling falling in love with that love. These photos of love and falling in love with Phrases are very sentimental expressive, that allow you to externalize the great love you feel. Share these images of love for your partner and release the feeling of falling in love. Share all the moments that you require. We have different categories like Flowers and phrases to conquer Greetings flowers and phrases of love Phrases and flowers of love * Flowers to love and conquer: There is no disguise that can hide long time love where there is …. Love is nourished by respect and trust. These photos of love, conquest, desire with Phrases are very sentimental expressive, that allow you to take possession of the heart of the loved one. Share these images of falling in love and shows the importance that person has with this beautiful detail. Share all the moments that you require. In this application you can find phrases and words such as: Love, peace, joy, affection, sincerity, fidelity, commitment, achievements, goals, abundance, success, passion. Hearts, flowers, animals, nature, landscapes, gifts, tears, faces, men, women, gifts, space, universe, spaceships, stars, phrases, messages, images, quotes, letters, worlds, constellations, verses, poems, planets , etc. To download this application go to the store Play Store, select this application, download directly to your Android device for free. Features of the App: You have more than 90 images. Totally free. Very friendly menu Very graphic and intuitive interface You can share on the social networks of your preference around the world Once installed, it works without a Wi-Fi connection. THANK YOU VERY MUCH The team of Charli Córdova (The APP) thanks you for downloading our Application ¨Messages of Heartbreak, disappointment and disappointment to share ", we sincerely hope that the App is to your liking and that our Images with phrases of heartbreak, disappointment and disappointment They have helped you express yourself or take a breath from your beloved. If the App ¨Messages of Desamor, disappointment and disappointment to share¨ you liked, we would appreciate you to qualify us with 5 stars so that you motivate us to bring more Images and do many more quality applications for you. Thank you very much and have a spectacular day.

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