Description of HARI RAYA PHOTO FRAME Selamat Sejahtera, the new Hari Raya Photo Frame is here and available for free. Create and save your celebration moments with family & friends. Take a look into the app and you could browse all of the frames that are stored for you. Try to take pictures with them and slide to choose the different frames of your liking. Take a tour of the Gallery. Choose a photo of you or capture it via camera. Hari Raya Photo Frame also allows you to send out Hari Raya Cards to friends and family. Celebrate the joys of Hari Raya with various/unique/beautiful/awesome birthday card design. Features of Hari Raya Photo Frame: -More high-resolution frames with a beautiful and lovely design. -All of the frames are designed with high resolution for Hari Raya celebration event -You can take a photo with the camera at a birthday party and insert your photos to Hari Raya Photo Frame, it is very easy to use. – Easy share your celebration party with people you love with a few steps -With beautiful frames in an application, you will feel free to use all of the frames with total free. How To Use Sticker Feature? 1. First, tap OPEN and select a picture from your gallery or capture a photo using your Camera. 2. Tap MASK and Tap CHOOSE to select any sticker. You can re-size or rotate the sticker and if you are satisfied with it then Tap APPLY. To re-size, hold the middle of the sticker and drag the side of the sticker. 3. You can adjust the photo’s effect by Tapping EFFECT. 4. Tap SEND to share your photo with your friends or save it into your gallery. Share your work of art in your album or you could even share it on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, or other social media. So let us enjoy and have fun with your new app here in the app store. Download Now and Hope you love Hari Raya Photo Frame and Selamat Hari Raya To You. So Don’t Miss The Fun

Download APK(15.24MB)

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