Chehra Business Video Meetings

Description of Chehra Business Video Meetings is an enterprise video meeting platform. Chehra believes that a good communication starts and ends with you. Communication Life Cycle (CLC) is not only intiating the communication but also about completing it. Chehra CLC management has 3 processes, viz. Initiate, Follow-up and Complete.# Initiate with Video Meetings and Action Points# Follow-up with Status Updates, Email & Push Notifications# Complete with Status Confirmation ROI & Performance MeasurementChehra runs on browser level and uses WebRTC, which means you don't need to install or need any other special hardware except the webcam and headphone with mic.With Chehra, Video Meetings & Action Points, the companies can# Accelerate sales with regular sales video calls# In-house training & employee engagement# Measure employee performance# Retain clients with regular meetings with action points and follow-ups# Build client trust

Download APK(6.85MB)

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